goodbye writing hiatus

the rain poured down in albany for tulip fest but my girlfriend & i still had adventures

pre-rain, the view from a friend’s fabulous window in his apartment

I’m back from my unplanned writing hiatus. I’ve been busy, too busy, and this has left me exhausted, too exhausted to even look at my computer, let alone write and post and blog.

Last Friday I boarded the Greyhound bus headed for Albany to see one of my absolute dearest friends and favorite people in the whole world. I don’t remember the last time I was as excited as I felt during those 3+ hours of bus boredom.

And despite the chilly temps, rain and hail, I had a wonderful weekend: we ate too much Mexican food (mmm), drank silly treats all day, danced around and laughed til my sides hurt. And it was perfect.

The rain kept us from fully enjoying the Tulip Fest in downtown Albany, but it couldn’t damper our company and my love of being with someone who is so important and vital to my life. All of our inside jokes were as alive as ever, even though we’ve found it difficult in our busy lives to visit often. It’s so good to know that over time and distance, some friendships never weaken; they only grow stronger and more resilient. As I returned to Boston on Sunday, I felt exhausted from all our partying and lack of sweet sleep, but my spirit was stronger than ever.

But tears were shed since I couldn’t be with my own mother on this Mother’s Day. Meeting my girlfriend’s adorable niece and a dinner with the boy’s family on Sunday night made me ache for a family visit of my own. Phone calls just don’t cut it sometimes.

And now it’s Tuesday night; my homesickness has worn off a bit and the tough days of the work week are behind me. I’m crossing things off my to do list, slowly but surely, and trying to stay positive, not allowing missing home, exhaustion, or anything negative to bring me down. I have hopes to make delicious, healthy meals for myself but by the time I get home, I have zero energy and have been settling for soup or cereal. I’m thinking some baking projects this weekend might lift my spirits…

Anyways, writing helps. It clears and sorts out thoughts. And tomorrow is Wednesday. And I’m about to crawl into bed with a magazine, book or the tv remote : )

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