Moving Day!

Today I’m relocating my belongings and my life to a new apartment.
My summer subletting with a group of boys is finished
and I’m off to the North End with a girlfriend of mine.
Packing is no fun no matter what,
but with the temps hitting 97 today,
I’m dreading it all that much more.
It doesn’t help that I have little energy
to even pack up in the first place.

Here’s a scene from my room last night.
I had high hopes of packing well and organized;
that quickly went out the window
and the garbage bags emerged instead.

And then the joy of procrastination came out
and I found myself doing a couple loads of laundry,
making new playlists on iTunes,
filing my nails,
and baking a dozen cupcakes for the gentlemen
complete with tropical fish sprinkles.

I have so many various emotions with this move.
I will so much better when I’m all in my new place
and the fun parts begin;
organizing my room, decorating,
trips to the Container Store, etc.

Let the fun begin.

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