Watch out Miranda Priestlys!

Hear ye, hear ye! Save the assistants! Save me!

I heard about this book a little while back
but as I was catching up with my blog reading the other evening,

I plan on picking up this lifesaver ASAP and digesting it 100%.

One of my favorite sections of Jordan’s interview with the author:
“I started Save the Assistants because I realized
it was possible to have an entry-level job and
pay your dues in a given industry
without being unhappy or being treated like dirt.”
-Lilit Marcus

This is so simple and honest
and yet it was a lightbulb moment;
I can grow and learn and start at the bottom,
and still love my work
and enjoy every day
and be treated with utmost respect.

And then her other great piece of wisdom:
“The best advice I can give anyone, no matter what job they have, is to always remember who you are outside of the office. I’m lucky now because I have a job that I really love, but it’s still important to make time for other things I care about, like my friends, my family, my non-work writing projects, and causes I care about. When I first moved to New York, I couldn’t get a writing job to save my life. So while I worked crappy admin jobs that had nothing to do with my real interests, I wrote as much as I could in my spare time – that often meant writing for free, or getting bylines on websites no one had heard of. But it didn’t matter. If you really love something, you’ll keep doing it, even if no one pays you or you have to schedule it in at weird times. It was my outside-of-work writing, including Save the Assistants, that eventually helped me get the job I have now. Not only will pursuing your interests outside of work help you get experience doing what you really want to do, it’ll also make you feel good about yourself and relieve some of that stress you accumulate between 9 and 5.”

And that is why I write and read and surround myself
with things that make me happy.
Sometimes I just need
a little reminder.

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