My weekend was basically a less-classy version of this.

I spent the weekend with the boy, out in the suburbs where he goes to school. We ate a lot of delicious food (not all super-duper healthy but oh so good), we drank a whole lot of red wine, and spent the majority of our time on the couch. We watched silly TV, I read silly magazines as the boy studied, and I caught up with my favorite blogs (so fantastic.) 

We slept in later than I have in months and drank our coffee and ate our breakfast bagels around 2 pm. I attempted and failed at french macaroons and got organized for the busy work-week ahead. We made our way over to the gym for a brief, but refreshing workout. 

All in all, it was a wonderfully lazy, lounging, indulgent weekend of sorts, one that most likely won’t make another appearance for many more weeks. The boy and I needed this. I dream of weekends like this.

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