As we enter into 2012, I (like many people) can’t help but look back at the past year and reflect. And because I’m someone who likes to nicely wrap things up before embarking onto new ventures, I feel like I need to jump backwards before jumping forward, as I haven’t made a clean wrap-up since returning to this world wide web of chronicalling my life, in whatever fashion I have done so over the past couple years.

Back in November 2010, after returning from a trip to San Diego with the boy, I left the blogosphere for almost a year. I was stressed with my current job at the time, and felt little inspiration to write much of anything.

But this past fall, my desire to write, my desire to express myself, returned…and it felt great. I relocated to tumblr so I could post on-the-go and experiment with how I wanted to share what inspired me, what I was thinking, what I was feeling, what was getting my juices going. 

And since then I’ve posted sporadically, especially images from other amazing tumblr feeds. With the new year my yearning to find an outlet to express myself and to re-enter the writing world grows daily and I’m excited to use this new year as a new opportunity to jump in and work on my writing. I’m aiming to write/post everyday, even if it’s just a single picture that I found uplifting that day.

And while many things have not changed since I left blogging back in November 2010, some key aspects have shifted…

I’ve been at a “new” job for a year now!  I left the consulting field where I working in the marketing department for the opportunity to work at an event company, following my passion for event and wedding planning. It has been an amazing year at this company, but incredibly consuming and stressful at times. I look forward to hopefully growing at this company and learning more. 

I’m still with the boy, who himself has entered the graduate school world, working on obtaining his Ph.D. He’s in school about an hour away from Boston and while it definitely hasn’t been an easy adjustment, we make it work (spending the full weekend together on the couch eating, drinking and watching the Walking Dead is not a rare occasion). He’s still fantastic and things are never boring together. 

And so today, as I walked from the downtown (after any amazing couple hours at the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental thanks to a gift from one of my fabulous bosses), I stopped and got a salted hot chocolate at Starbucks on this second day of of the new year. It was comforting and warmed my hands as I walked the two miles back to my apartment, feeling refreshed with every step.

2011 was a year of adjustments and I’m excited for what 2012 will bring. I’m feeling more confident that I have in a long time, ready to make my already wonderful life even more fantastic. Ready to actually do the things that I ve said I’m going to do one day, the things I’ve hoped to get around to doing.

And so, like the rest of the world, I’ve made a couple more specific resolutions (along with you know, eating better and exercising more, of course):

- I want to discover my creativity: I want to become more creative, and I think by cooking more, surrounding myself with inspirational images, and forcing myself to take a stab at new projects, I can work on growing my imagination.

- I’m going to start saving more moolah. In the next few years, I hope to make larger purchases (car, larger living accommodations, washer and dryer-guess what one I’m most excited for). I want to be more financially responsible, and I need to start by making a realistic budget, cutting back on misc. expenses, pack my lunch, etc.

At the end of 2012, I hope I can say that, unlike the majority of the rest of the world, I was successful with my new years resolutions. So come along with me for the ride and cheers to an exciting, hopeful, creative, and financially saavy 2012 :)

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