the kind of woman i want to be

I was inspired by this post over at one of my favorite blogs, written by the lovely meg fee…

i want to eat my veggies every day and actually enjoy them

i want to go to bed at the time i plan to before i get distracted 

i want to understand what i feel and be confident enough to voice it

i want to get all the things done on my never-ending to do list

i want to cook the fantastic meals that i rip out of magazines & print from the food blogs that make my stomach yearn 

i want to wear bright lipstick without worrying what others will think or if i’ll stand out too much

i want to perfect a high bun and rock it

i want to actually work out and push my body to achieve the physical form i desire instead of just telling myself that i’ll do but knowing i actually won’t 

i want to discover my own creativity

i want to stop spending money on silly things like lattes and magazines but really don’t want to do without them

i want to let myself be completely honest in my relationship and have faith that it’s all ok

i want to learn more about me, who i really am, and who i want to be

to be continued…

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