why did it take me so long...

to discover the limitless glory of BaubleBar!!??

Since discovering this little gem a few weeks ago, I have been achingggg to make a purchase. But what to attack first?

Their neon collection?! My adoration of neons has grown exponentially over the past couple weeks (thus, my purchase of a neon pink shirtdress and several neon studded earrings at the local SoWa market this past weekend).

Or since I tend to rely all too heavily on my stud earrings, maybe I should venture into BaubleBar’s boho danglers?!

But no, I must go back and go through the collection that had me from the beginning: their personalized pieces.

I fell in love with the classic Monogram Pendant Necklaces awhile back, and their steady appearance on Atlantic-Pacific makes my heart flutter all too often.

But now that that decision has been made…

gold or silver?? 

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