being a “good american?"

tonight is the vice presidential debates.

i should be a good american and watch them.

i am not.

i watched the first round of presidential candidates debate last week, and was unimpressed. the name-calling, the trash talk started early it seemed with this election, and i’ve personally come to the conclusion that it is all a pile of lies, and everyone twists and turns the “facts” however they choose.

i like to think that there are some, or at least one, candidate who is honest. who i can trust. believe in. and maybe there is.

but until i really know, i’m going to make my vote based on various factors that are important to me, and the candidates specific stances on them.

but tonight i am not going to watch the vice presidents debate. people will tear it apart and i won’t even know who said what, who meant what.

instead i sit here,glass of wine in hand, and watch the PBS documentary i DRV’d earlier this week “half the sky” about oppressed women around the world and those that are actually doing work to help.

i sit here inspired, remembering my favorite column to ever run in glamour magazine: the interviews that Mariane Pearl, wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, conducted, profiling women who suffered and rose above. to this day, i remember those columns.

with those reminders and this documentary, i sit here, feeling inspired, motivated, eager to help in some way.

i think this is a better use of my time than that debate.

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