i found my season

“That country where it is always turning late in the year. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay…That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rain.”

- Ray Bradbury

quote discovered via Meg, the Wily Brunette

It’s only been a couple days into the month of October, and today was depressing: cloudy, drizzly, damp…legging, sweater and scarf weather.

And yet, my love for October doesn’t waiver.

I love fall. The change from summer to fall is refreshing, revitalizing. I’ve been out of school for many years and yet autumn makes me want to reorganize, gather up some new notebooks and start fresh again.

I love pulling out my cardigans, ballet flats and scarfs.

I love all the cliches, the pumpkin lattes, the apple picking, the candy corn.

I love the new smells, the feeling of crispness that surrounds you.

It’s a month to let go of so many summertime superficials, the lack of seriousness…those days have passed for a little while. It’s time to gather around a stronger meal, with friends and family. It’s time to come home and sit on the couch under a fantastic blanket and let yourself watch a great movie or read a book, with no the-sun-is-still-out guilt.

Lots of people love summer. I do too, but it’s not my season soulmate.

Give me some cider and cheers to fall.

I’m one of the autumn people.

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