six months

What a difference six months can make…

Six months ago in April my parents came to visit for Easter. 

It was wonderful to see them and spend time together, but I was on edge

the whole weekend.

As I sat down to dinner on the night they got into town, 

my Mom commented on how upset and tired I looked, 

having arrived late, running from the office, 

eager to escape.

Sunday brunch, I collapsed into tears at the table, 

unable to hold in the stress and tension any more, 

releasing everything to my family.

I couldn’t take my 24/7 assistant job anymore.

It was taking a physical, mental and emotional toll.

While I loved the industry I was in, 

the position was no longer one I wanted to be a part of, 

the environment one that I no longer believe in.

I tried “just letting things go,”

I tried “getting a thicker skin,”

but unless you’ve been in my shoes, it’s hard to understand, 

and when overall health and happiness are gone, 

no job is worth it anymore.

And as I sat there, tears streaming down my face, 

I let some of the stress go.

Decision was made, 

I was going to look for a new job, 

and my parents supported me with their love.

I don’t know if it was the tears, the hugs, 

the amazing chocolate croissants and coffee, 

or a little of it all, 

but I left brunch with a little weight off my shoulders that spring day.

And now, six months later, 

I am in a completely different place, a very different person.

Much more myself.

I found that new job, and I left the old one, 

never looking back, taking some lessons learned

and running with them.

I was actually able to enjoy my summer this year, 

full of weddings and beach trips

and weekends with people I love.

I moved out of the city, 

and in with the boy.

I’m rediscovering myself, my interests, 

finally having that little bit of extra time in the day

that allows one to read a great book, 

devour my pile of magazines, 

bake some apple bread with newly picked Macintoshes.

And write. It’s been shaky, 

trying to refine my new schedule, with all the changes in the recent months:

new job, new apartment, new roommate, new car, new time.

But I’m eager and excited to write more consistently, 

post more inspiration, 

and reintroduce myself to the world of words.

It really is amazing what a difference six months can make.

It’s actually pretty awesome.

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