Merry Merry

The past couple weeks have been packed to the brim, 
trying to wrap things up at work before a bit of an extended break, 
finishing up Christmas shopping, sending cards, 
baking, wrapping, cleaning 
and a schedule full of dinner and party plans. 
It was a whirlwind 
and I'm amazed that I got most of what I aimed to accomplish done.

In the middle of all the holiday chaos 
I traveled to and from NYC for a weekend 
of traditions and good times with good friends. 
It was a wonderful mini-break 
to just enjoy the decorations, 
the cheer 
and some fantastically great Christmas silliness. 

But in the midst of this season, 
I, along with the rest of the country,
 were all intensely saddened by the news in Connecticut. 
I still can't even comprehend the actions and emotions 
that took place that day and I feel, 
like many others, 
to still be reeling from shock. 

But today, I rest within my cozy home, 
with my family, surrounded my snow, food, love and a feeling of safety, 
even for just this brief moment in time. 
I am so thankful for all of the blessings and the love in my life, 
and on this Christmas Day, 
wish everyone an abundance of caring, peace and love. 
Whatever our various views may be, 
in the end, 
I believe we simply need compassion. 

Merry Christmas to all xoxo

photo via my Instagram

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