Winter Warmers

The colder weather is inviting itself in, 
making itself comfortable, 
prepping for the long stay. 

I live in New England, 
which means that Mother Nature can have a pretty nasty attitude for several months, causing my desire to hibernate until April. 

In anticipation of chilly days and nights, 
I’m already planning many evenings bundled up on the couch 
with my favorite plaid throw.

But the night isn’t complete 
without a winter cocktail in hand.  
While my usual go-to drink on a chilly night is a glass of rich red wine, 
I’ve lately been interested in trying my hand at some cocktails. 
Cocktails that comfort me,
 that warm me from the inside out, 
that celebrates the winter season. 

And so I’ve found some appetizing cocktails 
that have me ready to fill up my tumblers, 
such as this Winter Sun, 
with vodka, clementine, lemon and rosemary
and the Cherry Whiskey Smash, 
topped off with a personal favorite of mine, 
Maraschino Cherries. 

Winter Sun

Cherry Whiskey Smash

But I don’t always need the hard stuff to warm me up; 
the decadence of a wonderful mug of hot chocolate 
cures many an ailment,
from cold hands to cold hearts. 

Cheers to the snowy nights ahead, 
complete with whatever winter warmer you choose :)

all photos courtesy of Pinterest

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