Blues & Browns, Stripes & Splashes

As I explore my late twenties, I've enjoyed discovering my own style, the looks that speak to me the most, those that truly represents my own aesthetic. 

In this process, I've often struggled to find the right words to use to describe my personal style, and in these situations I'm finding it best to take a step back and take in a broader view. 

Someday, in my own fabulous little home office, I will have inspiration boards that I can use to surround myself with images and words that I adore, but until then, Pinterest will have to do. I gather images there, collecting and organizing in the hope of making sense out of the chaotic clutter that is everything around us.

Style is part of our overall evolution, as we figure out our relationships, our beliefs, what we truly want to do for work, figuring out your true style, is just another facet to discover.

In taking a step back, and looking at all the little pieces that make up the style that I keep pinning, the fashions, the designs that I truly love, I hope to be able to better describe my overall vibe. 

Why search for the right words, why is it needed? Because I like to package things nicely, to quantify them and understand myself. I like being able to stamp a label on it, for better or worse. I like the 30 second elevator pitch concept applied to anything.

And so, here are some looks that I am consistently drawn to, no matter what may currently be on trend, these types of outfits I will always choose. 

As I look at this collection, my own trends stand out, and I'm able to put together a language to describe it: I adore stripes, anything with them, but especially blue. I like classic, but not always conservative, looks, clean shapes, not overly girly or feminine but often with a touch of whimsy.  

What best describes your style and how have you discovered it over time? I'd love to hear :)

all photos from Pinterest

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