Scary Storms No More

When I was younger, I would crouch and hide when thunderstorms hit. 
Hands clasped over my ears,
scared of the flashes of lights and loud noises, 
always eager for them to pass on by.

And yet, as a major storm approached last night, 
I found myself on my back porch, 
soaking up not only the rain droplets that blew in my direction,
but also the rush of adrenalin that accompanied 
the excitement of the incoming lightening and thunder. 

As Tom and I watched in awe 
as the sky lit up and the branches danced, 
I felt like a kid again,
a braver kid for sure,
but absolutely reveling in the simple thrills of Mother Nature.

And as the storm passed, 
my adult self sat back and appreciated, welcoming,
the after effects of a terrific storm,
the distinct smell of summer rain 
and the fresh, crisp breeze that carried it
so beautifully through my windows. 

 photo via Pinterest

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