A bit of a break...

Instead of adding "write blog post" to my daily to do lists, and then not following through, I've decided to remove this little item from my schedule for the time being. Due to various personal extenuating  circumstances that have popped up recently, making it difficult to even eat, sleep, work, and workout daily, I've decided that I really need to prioritize my time in the utmost sense. I have to remove the stress that any "extra" items are causing, stress that was growing due to the fact that there are only 24 hrs in a day and I just do not have any extra minutes to devote to something that I want to really want to take the time to devote to. 

So instead, while my life spins a bit crazy over the next few weeks, I'm taking a little break, refusing to upload posts that are done half-heartedly, refusing to write and post just for the sake of posting.

As I prioritize my days and even hours over the next few weeks, I hope to refocus myself as well, so that come September, I can do what I've often stated I want to do for a long time: dedicate time and energy into writing and growing my creativity, giving this little outlet of mine an actual chance for survival. 

I left Alt Summit last month feeling energized, inspired and motivated and I plan on taking that energy and putting it into full effect come the fall. I have ideas swimming around in my head that I'm eager to put into real action, collaborations I want to play around with, and am making a promise to myself to create the time and prioritize my blogging just as I do other aspects of my life, a promise I'm excited about. I'm hoping that my little hiatus will help with this, build momentum, and also give me the time to go about my ideas more thoroughly planned out, go about this whole project of mine in the right way from this fresh start.

So until then, have a wonderful summer ~

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