2010 came in with a bang...of stress

Past 10 days round-up due to my lack in ability/time to blog:

New Years Eve: fun house party, decked out in tiaras & sequined shirt, vino in hand. With a bunch of fabulous, silly, crazy friends.
New Years day brunch at the boy’s parents: Delicious, sipped mimosa to cure hangover headache. Playing Wii for hours, as I learn to dominate Wii Golf.
Dead for the next 48 hrs. Rise from couches only to eat and shower. Consume several bagels and “District 9” and “Marly & Me.” Disturbed by one flick, tears & warm heart from the other. I want a puppy.

And then began my first full week at the new job: stress, overwhelmed, crazy busy, brain-turned-to-mush, fabulousness. I survived. And hey, the free lunches and drinks out on Thursday were a nice little boost.

And now I’ve had one of the best weekends in awhile and when described, you’ll be picturing a complete dork….
Inhaled PF Changs with some ladies Friday night, followed by the hilarious showing of “It’s Complicated” where I shoved down Dark Chocolate M&Ms, full-belly laughed, and imagined how fun growing old & partying with your hott husband can be. 50 years and up never looked so fun.

Slept for 10 hours and then embraced my quiet weekend with little plans; cleaned my apt, took down all the Christmas crap, drank lots of French Vanilla Folgers, lit my Anthropolgie candle (purchased on sale), organized my room, did my nails, got groceries for the first time in a month, read emails, read blogs, read Vogue with girl-crush Rachel McAdams, watched Lost in Translation (remembered the awesomeness that is Polaroids), vchatted with the Suz, typed up work notes and assignments for next week, and watched another episode of Mad Men.

I sit here now, more coffee in hand, load of laundry spinning away, and feel that weekends like this are so needed. As hard as I fight it, I’m an OCD organizing, to-do list fanatic. This weekend allowed me to repair and get settled and organized after the holidays and start of this new job. It allowed me to prepare for the week’s head business. I feel so unbelievably better about everything, and so much more ready to tackle work tomorrow, knowing I don’t have to come home to a mess (both in my bedroom and my mind). And I’m done feeling embarrassed by this; it’s me, and sometimes I need a day or two to re-group; because once I let myself do this, all is better.

And thank goodness I used these couple days so well…it’s just a bit scary…when’s the next time I’ll have a free weekend!?

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