Last year, for 2009 I made 3 resolutions:

- Swear less
- Say “yes” to more risks, opportunities, adventures
- Give more compliments

2/3 ain’t to bad, right?

I definitely said yes on more chances; I traveled all over, I got involved in more freelance jobs and in the process learned how much I love event planning. I tried skiing (first attempt-fail, but ready to try again), I tried canoeing and camping (fail again), I started to put myself out there more, I even started this blog! I credit some specific people for pushing me, inspiring me to be more adventurous and am so glad they’ve done that. One in particular continues to push me upward and onward…might just make an outdoors girl out of me one day….maybe…..

And I gave out more compliments and enjoyed doing so. You’d be surprised how a little “cute bag” comment in line at Starbucks can make someone smile and even you too. I know I enjoy being compliments, even my strangers, and a little comment here and there can spread even just a little bit more joy.

Swear less…yup failed on that. Oh shit.

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