Exhaustion is becoming my norm


I can’t say it enough. I’m beyond tired; literally beyond what is considered tired. I actually feel re-energized being in a zone, coffee in hand, not really noticing what is going on around me or what I should be doing; just in the zone, staring not seeing, doing, not living.

So I should just hiberate in this painful Boston arctic that has descended upon us…but nope, as much as that sounds absolutely lovely, my 24 year old social self is embarking upon another busy weekend of sorts; calmer than some but still active to say the least.

A girlfriend is visiting, another one just got into med school, and today is Friday, I need a release and I’m in a good mood having just found out that I’ll be in Denver in April putting together a work event…so…it’s off for a Mexican dinner and margaritas with a gang of amigos.

And hoping a little marg helps put me into a good, restful slumber after.

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