weekend wrap-up

A chill weekend overall, but still quite busy and also quite productive, which makes me quite happy : )

Friday night some friends and I battled the bitter cold biting our noses and ears and indulged in margaritas and mexican cuisine…and then Crumbs cupcakes back in my cozy, warm apartment afterwards. Delicious.

Saturday, a girlfriend and I surprised one of our college roommates and we took to the Natick mall with high hopes. What a terrible shopping time of year! All of the winter stuff on sale is shitty (who wants another sweater now anyways) and spring stuff is emerging…but how can I even think about cute, frilly tanks when I can see my breath outside and when it isn’t even February!?

So we settled (though with some fabulous finds I wouldn’t consider it “settling”) for some credit card damage at Forever 21. I needed a shopping hit!

But oh my goodness, J. Crew’s early spring line…amazing. My dream wardrobe. Absolutely beautiful. Even the itsy bitsy bikinis are to die for. Hurry up sweet summertime. Or at least temperatures above 25 degrees.

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