I want to move to a mountain town

I’m on the couch, stuffed from delicious frozen yogurt the roommate and I ordered in (diet starts tomorrow, per usual.) I’m catching up on some TV and getting organized for the week ahead. A nice short work week it may be, with Mom arriving Thursday. It feels great to cross things off the to-do list either way though.

But I can’t go without saying, I had a wonderful weekend in Stowe, VT. I’ve fallen in love this Valentine’s weekend…with adorable and cozy mountain ski towns. I seriously want to live there for a year. The boy and I ate and drank our way through the weekend, sampling wine, Vermont beers, Cabot cheese, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and more.

It was great to get away and spend time together and see everything that the boy loves about Stowe. And on Valentine’s weekend…even better ; )

Between all the food and drink indulgences, we ventured into the woods and checked out a frozen Bingham Falls (beautiful) and I fully enjoyed a herbal wrap and massage at the Stoweflake Spa…what an amazing treat…but of course, I wasn’t able to really fully relax til the end of the massage! If only I could make them more of a routine!

Icing on the cake to a fun weekend? The boy taking me to see Valentine’s Day, the movie, which without a doubt, was incredibly cliche and corny, and yet, made me smile and draw a loving tear on my favorite holiday.

And so, I return home, longing for the coziness of a ski village with the gorgeous ski slopes, the friendliness of a local pub with some new favorite VT beers (the cherry infused one from the Alchemist was my personal pick) and few worries.

My first time at Stowe was a success…it’d definitely not be my last.

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