once again, a weekly recap...

This excuse is getting old, but the truth once again as well. I’ve been incredibly busy, too busy:

- a good friend’s birthday led to a classic night out at Grand Canal. Drinks and dancing with the girls on Saturday night at the Harp had similar results and joy. Lots of fun.
- helped the boy move into his new apartment with some of his fine friends. Trip to Costco introduced me to a new wonderland of goodies. If I had a car, I’d be at that fabulous find way too much.
- Superbowl fun Sunday night. I made some homemade guac (lots of lemon juice, onions, salt and pepper..could have used some cilantro) to rave reviews and then proceeded to eat way too much of it. Along with some chicken wings, chips and when the boy cooked up some delicious mussels au gratin after the game, I dove in.

… and what I learned this weekend:
exhaustion + little sleep + too much drinks/chips/mussels/butter/cheese = getting sick and not making it to work on Monday. I felt terrible in every sense, most especially mentally and emotionally.

Oh and I was with the boy sitting at the walk-in ER clinic 8 am Monday after he sliced his finger tip open Sunday night chopping those onions for the au gratin.

What a way to start the week…and it got worse.

More mice sightings Tuesday…dead mouse Wednesday.
Stupid mistakes at work. Frustration.
Big upset at work. Tears in the office.
Zumba cancelled for supposed snow (which didn’t even come).
More exhaustion. Leads to everything seeming worse. Which leads to more tears. Over-whelmed by everything.

I released some of my pent up energy and baked heart shaped fruit pies last night. I’m quite proud. Pictures to be posted soon. Why do I always plan on baking when I end up being insanely busy and have to squeeze in my baking time late at night!? I dream of being caught up with all my errands and “to-do” list that I can just come home any night and leisurely enjoy cooking and baking!

But I think I see a light at the end of this shitty week tunnel. Tonight I had a delicious, lovely dinner with the wedding planner I work with and my roommate, 2 engaged ladies sharing stories as I listened and gained knowledge, and I thoroughly enjoyed their company…and yummy grilled pizza with piles of onions and tomato at Cambridge 1 in Harvard Square.

I have so much respect for the wedding planner I work with and she is truly inspiring, as a professional woman, and on a personal level, who’s done so well for herself and her wedding and event planning experience is phenomenal.

And as my roommate and I started the trek home, we jumped into Sweet and indulged in some of their Valentine Day flavors. While my chocolate strawberry treat wasn’t as good as Crumbs cupcake of the same flavor, it was still delectable (disclaimer: Sweet has won as favorite cupcake with all other flavors compared to Crumbs in the past. Chocolate strawberry is a rare exception.)

And so it’s Thursday. Just finished giving myself a mani/pedi, and I’m watching tv…and finally starting to relax after a stressful span. Tomorrow the Olympics commence and Saturday I’m off to Stowe with the boy, with a spa appointment on Sunday (VALENTINE’S DAY!!).

Things are looking up : )

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