I legitimately look forward to the first glimpse of the magazine cover girls every month (especially with my all-time favorite, Glamour). I’m always curious on who it’ll be, what the theme for various photo shoots are, how the star’s are shot. And so far, it looks like March is going to be a good month…

Glamour has the hot and fabulous Victoria Beckham. I adore her; she’s brutally, shamelessly honest. And her style is impeccable. Toss in a puppy & I’m waiting with every breath for this to arrive in my mailbox.
And thanks to NonSociety, I was informed the other day of the annual Vanity Fair that I look forward to & pick up every year since I was in high school…their Young Hollywood Issue, with ethereal young women gracing the extended cover.

But I can’t jump ahead too much; February delivered pretty well too. Heidi sparkled fantastically on InStyle’s cover:

And I can’t believe I’m admitting this, as I never before saw myself as a domestic, Martha Stewart-type female, but yes, it’s true, I’ve become an addict. I’m falling in love, and I’m falling fast. And this cover took my breath away.

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