It’s nothing new, my love for DailyCandy. And their newly added wedding themed emails as well, of course! And that is how I came to learn about 2 fabulously fantastic products:

DailyCandy pitched these calendar bracelets as wonderful gifts for bridesmaids, with the date of your nuptials symbolized in metal. While I agree that it’s a cute idea, I think these charming bracelets would be just as suited, if not better, for birthday gifts, anniversaries, or
to celebrate the birth of a new baby.

My future wedding one day will not be a super serious ceremony. Instead, I imagine my guests will laugh and indulge and dance the night away…and these Smitten Sticks will be at all tables! The pictures that will be produced would be hysterical and fabulous mementos to the fun occasion. How about inscribing your wedding day on the back as a little favor to your guests?! I’ve seen old fashioned photo booths at weddings before and throw these sticks in the combination and the laughs would be endless.

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