My old lady weekend. It was lovely.

I have been quite productive lately but the one thing that fell off my list to do was write.

Thursday night was spent celebrating a dear friends birthday with wine, laughter, Trader Joe appetizers galore and sweet treats (I sampled a pretty cupcake from Party Favors, mmm.. and I baked some funfetti cookies to rave reviews!) It was so nice to relax a bit after an extremely stressful week at work and enjoy good company and cuisine.

Friday was a rainy Friday, but still a Friday indeed, complete with a work social outing that included drinks and snacks at Beer Works by Fenway, so I really can’t complain. And that night I ventured back out to that area for some music and drinks with the boy and friends and we danced and drank and had a fun time and I put myself to bed shortly after midnight. Wow, I’ve become an old lady.

My Saturday didn’t begin until the boy and I awoke at noon and then lounged around all afternoon. Did I feel lazy? Yes. Was it lovely? Yes.

And that evening we had a dinner date at a delicious Indian restaurant in Davis Square where we ordered the Indian dinner for two and were presented with enough food for four. We indulged and I obviously ate too much and felt stuffed all night. But it was worth it for the chicken curry and beef with yummy creamed spinach sauce.

And then I had a ladies night with the roommate and future-roommate; they dined at the adorable Kingston Station, as I sipped chardonnay and enjoyed the atmosphere, before we headed to the amazingly beautiful Wang Theater and watched and listened to the amazingly hilarious Chelsea Handler. She was rude and crude and I laughed til my sides hurt.

And then, the old lady in me emerged, and I was in bed by 1 PM.

And Sunday was a personal productive day for me; lots of laundry, clean sheets, tidying up the apartment, brainstorming lunch and dinner ideas for the week, going through all my emails, catching up with girlfriends via vchat and talking to Mom. An errand in Harvard Square led me to treat myself with some white tangerine iced tea and a new cute skirt from the Urban Outfitter’s discount basement.

And then back to the boy’s place for Indian leftovers and our Sunday night tv (the beautiful Discovery Channel show Life).

And now it’s Monday night; I went for an actual run this evening (very short, but still something), made chicken salad for lunch tomorrow and painted my nails. My productivity has continued, and now I’m up to date with my writing. And now I need sleep. And I’m in my clean sheets. If only I could sleep in again.

Instead I’ll be up at 7 AM but tomorrow is Tuesday and once you get through Tuesday, you get to enjoy Lost and you get to say, ‘well it’s already hump day!’ So off to bed and on to tackling tomorrow.

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