Baseball & rainbows

a rainbow over Fenway

A spontaneous Red Sox game with the boy and some friends last night
led to a very eventful evening and a very exhausted Wednesday at work.

Last night the rain skipped out and we were able to enjoy a classic baseball game
in premium seats thanks to some it’s-who-you-know luck
and the views of both the field and the Boston skyline were breathtaking.

The Italian sausage with peppers and onions was satisfying as always.
And as usual, I indulged in way too many peanuts and beer.

And today was harsh;
headaches, exhaustion and a desire to just be lounging in my bed
that didn’t wane all day long.
But it was worth it for the fun of last night,
including riding the T home
with a group of adorable marines
that are in town visiting Boston.

With that in mind, I did not participate in any of the Cinco de Mayo festivities
and instead thoroughly enjoyed getting my hair trimmed and colored
back to my preference of a rich chocolate brown.

Thank goodness tomorrow is already Thursday. I’m spent.

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