This weekend summer made an early grand entrance. Both nights I played with the boy and friends; out in Davis Square Friday night where we planted ourselves at the bar for a majority of that evening and where I thoroughly enjoyed a Blue Moon and too many late night snacks.

Saturday morn, the boy introduced me to a new brunch spot, Sound Bites in Somerville, where we each indulged in an eggs benedict customized for our individual tastes: mine with slices of avocado and tomato, his with hash. Delicious.

And as the sun shined down, over 80 degrees warm, my roommate and I walked over 5.6 miles, through Cambridge with a stop at Tommy Doyle’s for some brunch, across the Longfellow Bridge for pedicures on Charles Street, through the Commons and down Newbury for some shopping and frozen yogurt, and then down Mass Ave homeward bound.

With some sun making my face and shoulders rosy, and extremely tired feet, we collapsed at the boy’s place and enjoyed his grilled chicken and my new obsession of snacking on sun dried tomatoes from the grocery store’s Mediterranean Bar.

And after a hectic, overwhelming Monday at work, I felt all adult-like and responsible as I went to the bank and set up an IRA account and added to my savings account. Less spending money now, more fun later on hopefully.

And then I trekked the short distance to Inman Square where I met up with some Passport ladies and sipped a yummy cocktail at Trina’s Starlight Lounge and sampled their delicious french fries, a tasty cocktail and an apple & cheese melted sandwich with onion jam, and relished in fun, girly company and reminded me the amazing power of girlfriends.

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