Bikini Hunt Summer 2010

I need/am craving a new bathing suit. I tried on all my old ones and only one felt some what suitable for summer 2010. The fits were crappy, I didn’t like how I looked or felt in them. The colors clashed and I wondered how I even bought them (and thought I looked decent) in the first place. What is the best style for someone who doesn’t fit into any of the categories in normal not-too-large-not-too-small arms and legs, no six pack of abs, small chest. I want to love a suit and me in it. So I’m on the hunt; to get in shape (went for a run today & had a salad for dinner!) and reward myself with a new (or a few) new bikinis.

Here are a few tempting suits that I may need to look at frequently for inspiration…
and to check out ordering in the next couple weeks:

suits 1 & 2 are from Forver 21
suits 3, 4, & 5 are from J. Crew

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