I don't want matches

with her wedding idea of the day.
I love fresh, darling wedding favor ideas;
something that tickles your fancy,
has some connection to the couple in love.
I like ones that hint at how the lovely couple met,
where they’re from or where they live now,
or some other fun detail that isn’t the cliched personalized matches
(sorry Mom & Dad).

These mini pecan pies are adorable
though I wonder how well they’d travel and hold up…

I’ve heard of mini maple syrup bottles
used by a couple who lived in upstate NY;
I received a beautiful lavender sachet
from a wedding where lavender was tossed around outside during the ceremony,
filling the air with sweet scent;
and my parents hang a simple, stylish classic Christmas ball ornament
with a small embroidered ribbon with the wedded couple’s name on it,
on our tree every year from a wedding
that occurred a few days after Dec. 25th one year.

What fabulous favors have you created or received in the past?

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