Breathing on the couch in the rain

I’m sitting on the couch. Watching a Red Sox game.
And catching my breath for the first time in awhile.

Friday night I experienced the indulgence that I expected; absolutely delicious dinner in the North End at Fiore where I devoured my risotto and our seafood platter appetizer…and several glasses of smooth vino. It was a lovely dinner, with lovely people, and the vibe in the North End left me aching to move there ASAP (one week to go!). At Mike’s Pastry, I couldn’t hold back and throughly enjoyed a Boston Cream Puff all to myself. And then the night ended with me quizzing the GRE-studying boy with his vocabulary flash cards….and then putting myself to bed.

Saturday and Sunday I worked at the store, but upon closing Saturday night, I raced over to Fenway for the game where the boy and I hung out in the standing room section behind home plate and cheered on a win for the Sox before heading over to Beerworks where I obviously ordered a blueberry beer.

And then the night ended
with some more vocabulary flash card learning.

After another day at the store, my adorable friend Suzy arrived in rainy Boston but the downpour (that mind you, has lasted until tonight) didn’t keep us from chips, salsa, endless margaritas and girl talk Sunday night.

On Monday I dragged myself out of sweet slumber to go to work, umbrella in hand, rain boots on feet and after, headed off to meet with the wedding planner I assist to check out the event space for her own wedding that I’ll be working (gorgeous, romantic, historical) and then Suz and I met up with fellow Ithaca ladies for take out and gossip. Not bad for a Monday.

Tuesday, I started to collapse, as soon as I left Suz to go get her bus back to NYC at 8 am and I headed into the office for an incredibly productive, yet exhausting day. I pushed myself to work out at the gym that evening, cross off tons from my to-do list, and hit the gym again this morning at 7 am.

And now, I’m breathing. Just breathing on a comfortable couch. After a yummy dinner out with the boy (glass of Malbec, calamari with spicy/sweet peppers, salmon entree with quinoa, watermelon, basil salad). Work has been busy, crazy, productive, as I settle into my new role, responsible for more marketing projects and getting organized at my new desk area. I see this new role as so, so much more enjoyable and I hope that this feeling lasts.

My mother yells at me; says that I do too much. But I can’t help it. I live a very full life, I very blessed, full life. I do lots of things, I like to see lots of people; people I love and care about. I like to take care of myself and exercise and eat well. I like to read too many various magazines, books, blogs and there just isn’t enough time to do this all. But I’m working on finding that balance, that balance we all strive for.

But lately, my body craves rest.
All I really want to do right now is snuggle up in bed,
blankets all over, and do absolutely nothing.
The endless rain doesn’t help with this wish;
it screams, it encourages slumber, laziness, movie marathons.
I wish I could play hookie for one day….
or maybe one week…

photo courtesy of weheartit.com

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