People get overwhelmed with choices, bombarded with information, and become afraid of the risk of drawing a line in the sand. Psychologists have a term for this — choice overload. In the presence of an abundance of information or too many choices, people often become overwhelmed and frozen. Those individuals inevitably revert to what is easiest, effectively making no decision at all. That can be dangerous in business and in life.

Harvard Business Review

Thank you Julia for sharing this quote…my thoughts exactly lately, applicable to oh so many areas of my life. Why am I not tackling more writing projects, putting myself out there more, searching for event planning opportunities, really pushing myself 100%?? Because instead it is easier to just do nothing, to “plan” on some action at “some point,” some point “soon.” It is easier to be scared of the risk of failure and do nothing…but in the long run, it’s pathetic and I’m searching for the momentum, the impetus, the push, to jump. I’m getting closer. I need it. To go forward, to go for what I really want, out of business, out of life.

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