It’s Friday.
The weekend is just breathes away.
Thank goodness.

The weekend ahead is full of activities;
dinner with the boy and his family in the North End tonight
and working both Saturday and Sunday at Passport Boutique.
The boy and I might try to hit up the Red Sox game Saturday night
and who knows what kind of trouble
we will find following the game and Fenway’s beers.

And then on Sunday,
I have a fun friend coming for a little visit.

In between all this busyness,
I’ll probably indulge in too much pasta and wine,
too little sleep
and too much temptation as rumor has it that a new Anthropologie
is opening today in Harvard Square…
directly across from my weekend place of employment.

I’ll return next week,
completely honest about all my guilty charges that occurred.

Until then, bring on some joy,
and no office work,
and pour me a glass of vino.

photo courtesy of weheartit.com

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