Cruel taste bud teasing

Last night my taste buds got a happy surprise.

I had a lovely dinner (as always) with the ladies from Passport Boutique
who I am absolutely in love with.
They are simply, true sweethearts.

We met at the fairly new Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square
and their menu ranged from the usual salads and appetizers,
to a raw bar selection, small plates and of course, entrees.
As I chowed down on some bread dipped in delicious pesto-flavored oil,
I decided on their ‘crispy soft poached chip-in farm egg’ small plate
with a caesar salad to guarantee my stomach would be satisfied.

This egg concoction was amazing.
I practically licked the plate.
Imagine a beautifully poached egg.
With breading all over its form. Fried ever so lightly.
Resting on top of some greens, pancetta,
toasted brioche and a very tasty aioli sauce.
So so good.
This dish alone made me want to return to this establishment.

My taste buds got teased.
I have a feeling I’ll be dreaming
of cutting into another crispy egg for days
and letting the juices pour out.
I did a little research and recreating this tasty treat
may be a good challenge for the boy and I to tackle.

photo courtesy of Tiny Urban Kitchen

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