My Fashion Emmys Go To:

She has a 20-something year old son. Wow.

Love it all.
I don’t even know who she is, but this dress is amazing & she is beautiful.

Not a fan of the dress, but Anna is growing on me quickly.

When she was smiling, she looked radiant.

Hmmm Heidi; not sure about the length for the Emmys but I love you anyways.

Impressed with Tina; at least it wasn’t her usual plain and boring.

Eva never gets it wrong.


I can’t help it. I love her; I love her style.

January Jones was one of my all time favorite’s last night.
She is gorgeous in general and I loved this hot blue look on her;
so different and daring compared to her Betty Draper-duds.
Elisabeth Moss looked fabulous and Christina’s body is amazing.
What an eclectic trio.
These ladies ruled the night in every possible way.

pictures courtesy of Us Magazine

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