Breakfast after dusk

After my first bridal shower experience yesterday,
my roommate and I (over-)indulged in Chinese food last night.
It was delicious at the time (mmm crab ragoons and egg rolls)
but the punishment lasted until midday today.
I felt bloated and my stomach felt gross.
So it was an easy choice to pass up
on Chinese leftover for tonight’s dinner.

Instead, my roommate proposed breakfast for dinner
and I wholeheartedly embraced it!
We often had french toast, pancakes, or eggs for dinner
growing up and it’s always a nice change in flavors.

We cooked up some french toast
(with extra cinnamon and real vanilla in our egg mixture)
along with some turkey bacon and
the sweet salty scents surrounded our tiny kitchen.

We’ve done quiche.
We did french toast.
Next week: pancakes.

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