to do list etiquette

Mondays and Tuesdays are for me,
for taking stock and reorganizing for the week.
I look forward to this time,
it helps make the back-to-the-work-week-droll
a tad bit more manageable.
I admit,
I even look forward to the organizational high
that I get as I neatly write
my to do list.

My to do lists are not simple;
they must record all that needs to be accomplished,
all that needs to be bought,
all that needs completion,
and it must be noted,
what is of high urgency,
what is off most importance,
and if time gets in the way,
what can be postponed
and rewritten on next week’s list.

Color coding may be for some
or listing keeping on your phone,
but I prefer the classic
pen and paper version with neatly organized rows,
and check off boxes,
separated into sections by topic
and time constraints.

Yes, I love organizing
and to do lists make me happy : )

photo courtesy of we heart it

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