Design Ideas For Me

My (still fairly new) apartment has come a long way.
All that is left to do is to hang up some miscellaneous items,
like our magazine rack and our coat hook;
my roommate and I are awaiting the boy
to come over with all his manly tools.
I continue to fall more and more in love
with my new home everyday and
I continue to search and to find inspiration all around me,
encouraging and motivating me to create
more chic, stylish spaces.

Recently I’ve become quite excited
by some online magazines bursting with ideas
that are incredibly suited to my personal style
and make me eager to come home,
move furniture around,
play with set ups and of course,
hit up the shops.

Here are some of my favorite looks,
courtesy of Lonny magazine
(check out Rue as well-
I wasn’t able to copy & share their awesome images!):

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