Cookie creativity conformity

I enjoy baking.
I can create tasty treats from flour, sugar, eggs, and more,
completely box-free.
I have produced some not too shabby results.
But this past week, all I wanted
I wanted some pumpkin designs, maybe a ghost.
Nothing particularly amazing, but cute and easy.
And so I ventured out to pick up a pack,
with plans to bake up a couple dozen
and hand out these adorable bites
to friends and co-workers.

Three stops later, at three different locations,
I was empty handed.
Does Boston not carry
these holiday infused break-apart cookies!?

But my easy to make cookie desire
hadn’t disappeared
even though Pillsbury had.

And so I conformed to this dilemma,
simple sugar cookie dough in hand,
Halloween colored sprinkles (yellow, orange, black)
awaiting me at home.

And so, my situation was solved.
Treats to travel to work with me tomorrow,
festive and fun.

And my apartment smells delicious.

If anyone knows where I can locate
Pillsbury’s holiday cookies,
please share.
Christmas will be arriving soon and
my snowflake and tree designed treats cravings will be too.

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