Reasons that I am super glad it is Friday:

- I love the Fall season and this past week has had the most lovely foliage yet. I want to soak up more reds, yellow and orange leaves, maybe even jump in a pile

- work hasn’t been fabulous lately, so I continue to treasure my weekends

- this week as been somewhat manageable, so at least I leave the office with some sense of contentment

- Halloween prep continues; must find hot pink sequined top

- upcoming birthday activities to plan

- flights are booked to San Diego in 4 weeks with the boy…travel itinerary planning begin
- some delicious meals must be consumed this weekend

- I’m currently loving the book I’m reading, Last Night At Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger and I want to eat it up

- I’m tired and my bed has been fantastic, I need to spend some more quality time in it ASAP

Happy fall weekend; what are you must excited about??

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