manicures & lattes

Lately I’ve been over-indulging in some guilty pleasures.
I admit, I’ve been going a little overboard.

I used to be proud of my ability to give myself a near-perfect manicure.
I used to boost that I didn’t waste dollars on cafe bought coffee,
that I brewed my own and
carried it to work daily in a reusable mug.

But lately, I’ve failed.
I’ve splurged on manicures several times in the past couple months
and made a coffee shop stop
an average 3-day a week habit.

But then I remember,
it is the little things in life
that bring the biggest smiles to our faces.
And if a manicure
and a hot cinnamon dolce latte
make my Tuesday
that much more enjoyable and manageable,
well then,
bring it on.

photo courtesy of we heart it

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