Couch, Cat & Christmas Candles

I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. 
It's Tuesday and I'm still reflecting back on it, 
eager to transport myself back into it. 

I entered the weekend not feeling my best and planned on resting and gathering my strengths to feel better for the busy work week ahead, full of meetings, dinners and holiday planning to continue. And by doing so, by resting and doing what I needed, in those 48 hours, I got so much more in return. 

I spent the weekend being incredibly productive in ways that makes it clear you are an adult and have adult responsibilities, like getting groceries, cleaning the bathroom, stocking up on food for the week for the new little kitten in my life. I tidied up the apartment, I did too many loads of laundry and folded too many washcloths, sorted too many socks. I had snow tires put on my car and sorted through old magazines. 

I went to the gym both days and enjoyed delicious meals with the boy. Turkey and noodle soup comforted me and my sore throat Saturday night and baked salmon made me feel like I was feeding my body well Sunday night. 

I gathered together several cups of lettuce and spinach and blended them together with apples, bananas, pears and more for a green smoothie that will last me several days. 

The boy and I went to the mecca that dorm dreams are made of, 
Bed, Bath & Beyond 
and bought a humidifier and a steamer.

But don't get me wrong, 
I wasn't the perfect holy saint all weekend. 

I watched my beloved episodes of 
Greys, Scandal and Beverly Hills Housewives Saturday night 
with a few glasses of delicious wine, 
as I let my pedicure dry. 

I dug into the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate 
I had recently picked up when I was in Vermont. 

And I slept. 
Leisurely lounged in bed Sunday morning. 
Almost until noon.

Lately I have been having mixed feelings on my increasing "homebody" love, 
on my desire to stay in, 
to prefer a good movie on the couch with a glass of wine, 
on my aversion to the frequent night outs of my past.  
I'm not old, shouldn't I go out more? 
Party it up while I still can? 

But as I lay on the couch Sunday night,
reading my Martha Stewart Living magazine, 
getting overwhelmed with holiday cookie ideas, 
as the little kitten snuggled next to me, 
as I was surrounded by the smell of my spruce candle, 
I thought, 
yes, this was a mighty fine weekend. 

I think that social, party-hopping girl is still in me somewhere. 
She's not gone forever, that I am certain. 

She's just taking a little break. 

photo from my iPhone of my weekend cuddle buddy

~ For those who have been subject to my recent barrage of kitten photos on Twitter & Instagram
don't worry, I won't make you constantly witness my downward spiral to cat lady ~

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