This Repeller Drew Me Right In

I love the Proust Questionnaire. 
Like many others, I was first introduced to this style of interview 
and thought provoking questions via Vanity Fair 
and have since quickly opened all my newly arrived magazines 
from the last page first.

I enjoy these types of curiosities, 
these unique personality exposing inquisitions. 
It is with conversations like these 
that one learns what a person is really like, 
that allows you to get a sample of their soul. 

And while deep and evocative, 
it is also just simply entertaining.

Man Repeller recently posted about her equal interest in Proust 
and took a stab at some of his questions 
and in doing so, 
gave a statement that stuck with me. 

While deep and evocative, 
it also hits a joyful spot, 
perfectly putting into words a beautiful and simple testimony 
that I strive to live by. 

When answering the question, 
"what is your current state of mind,"
Leandra Medine answers with:

What is life if not a celebration, and what is celebration if not for life?

Ms. Man Repeller, thank you so much for sharing. 

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