I've Fallen In Love With Farro

My exciting Friday night 

This is by no means a food blog, I didn't set out to write anything even close.
I don't consider myself all that great at creating culinary masterpieces. 
I can make a solid pasta dish and bake a great cake, but I'm no Julia Childs 
nor am I trying to be the next best food blogger. 

I just really love food, and I really love eating it. 

I love reading about food and looking at fabulous foodie pictures. 

And so I have a roll of food blogs that I've fallen in love with, 
where I can get lost for hours, 
getting ideas and inspiring me to cook an endless amount of deliciousness. 

But unfortunately, due to time and energy, 
I have only made a handful of these salivating recipes.
But when I do, I get really excited. 
And I want to eat a lot of said dish and tell everyone. 

And so this brings me back 
to what started this whole foodie rambling in the first place: 
I made a damn good farro salad Friday night 
and the leftovers I had for lunch were absolutely awesome, 
maybe even better than the original serving.

I've come to realize that I adore pretty much every grain out there, 
and when some veggies are tossed into the mix, 
it's not only incredibly satisfying 
but makes me feel pretty healthy too. 

Inspired by this farro salad of red peppers, red onions, carrots, celery and feta, 
I've been brainstorming other grain salad concoctions...

Quinoa with avocado, corn and tomatoes?
Brown rice with edamame, carrots and shredded chicken with a dash of soy sauce?
Cous cous with walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes and feta? 

Toss in some olive oil dressing variation, salt, pepper 
and I have several days worth of meals. 

But back to the recipe that got this all going: 
Farro Salad courtesy of Shutterbean 

View the full, super easy to follow recipe here 

recipe photo courtesy of Shutterbean 

top photo via my Instagram 

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