What My Dad Taught Me


My father didn't teach me how to throw a ball.
It would have been a waste of time anyways. 
What I have learned from him 
resonates so much more, 
and the amount of love, respect and admiration for him, 
only continues to grow everyday. 

My dad taught me to be polite, 
that very rarely is there the need to yell. 
Family comes first, 
but who we consider to be our family can be molded over time.
Remain calm, take a deep breath, and resist overreacting. 

My dad taught me all I know about money, 
to respect it, to be wise with it, 
and to also let it allow you to enjoy little treats. 

My father taught me the joy in simple pleasures, 
good food from the grill, 
a great bowl of pasta, 
an evening together with loved ones. 

He passed on his love of tv, 
of the importance of sitcoms, 
and the joy in having a great show to look forward to. 

I work hard at what I do because that's what I've learned from my father,
who owns his own business and leads by example.
I try to believe that all will be ok 
if hard work and time is devoted. 

My father taught me to love animals
and when I brought home my first pet as an adult,
I understood why my father always surrounded our home 
with their unconditional love.

I look forward to seeing him with every visit, 
with the same enthusiasm that we both have 
for digging into bowls of ice cream, 
complete with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, 
for I know the importance of dessert, 
just as he taught me. 

photo circa 1990

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