Sweet Toothed

As I've said before, this is not a food blog.
I'm not a recipe creator by any means. 

But I just really like food. 

(Is there such a thing as simply a food lover's blog?
Nothing ingenious, just adoration?)

Anyways, I also suffer from a major sweet tooth. 

So while I might have come across as all nice and healthy with my farro shout out last time, 
it's not exactly an authentic representation of all my culinary cravings. 

So even as I read Meg Fee's recent posts about going sugar free 
and even as this idea resonate so deeply with me
and my current dietary dilemmas, 
and even as I attempt to start figuring and mapping out 
how I'll remove sugar from my daily diet, 
I find myself making raspberry jam swirl blondies the other night at 9 pm 
for my even more stronger sweet-toothed father for father's day.

As I stood over the stove top, I came to the conclusion 
that the smell of brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla, 
is absolutely pure heaven.
I want to bottle it up 
and surround myself with this scent 24/7.

And of course, I couldn't help 
but cut off a little corner piece, 
for sampling sake, 
and it just melted in my mouth.

The raspberry seeds added an ever so subtle texture 
to the smooth, creamy blondie,
and as I wrapped up the individual pieces
I knew, somewhat discouragedly, 
but with really no effort to fight it,
that blondies and their various accoutrements will be a new
repeating recipe in my slowly but surely growing repertoire.

So thank you Joy the Baker for refusing to let me go completely sugar free.

The recipe for these blondies can be viewed here

photos via my iPhone

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