Soup for my Soul

Some things work just because, 
no rhyme or reason.
Some things fix symptoms 
in ways we can't really understand
(brownies always cure bad days). 

And some things fix ailments
we don't even realize we had until they've passed. 

This past weekend I headed home with the boyfriend 
 for a brief couple days with my family.
We didn't go out to eat, we didn't visit with anyone else, 
we stayed simple, 
chatting about silly things
and just soaking up each others company. 

I made the hike home 
after a conversation only a couple weeks prior, 
my parents tired from the chaos of a house under construction 
and life with two aging parents of their own,
and a simple request for Tom and I to visit soon. 

And this weekend worked out, 
no events, weddings, or showers to attend, 
just a drive westward to the green fields of upstate New York. 

Last week was a good week, 
June arriving with much more enthusiasm and positivity
than how May departed. 
But sitting on my family's couch 
I realized how badly I had needed that little respite, 
how much the visit meant to my loved ones
and how much my soul had needed it too. 

And the really great strawberry shortcake 
was pretty fantastic as well.

photo via my Instagram

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