More basil indulging

The boy made me a deliciously easy, cheap & tasty dinner last night
using some fresh ingredients from his garden and some pizza dough
I picked up on the way home.
I adore pizza, it may be my absolute favorite food
with its endless list of possibilities and last nights did not disappoint.
His basil-tomato-mozzarella combo is easy as can be
but I’d look forward to trying some new mixtures
with the extra dough I bought.
We could do healthy and pile on the veggies;
we could throw some of my favorite pizza flavors aka pineapple
with prosciutto instead of my less than favorite ham;
or we could just indulge in unlimited amounts of delirious cheeses.
Pizza really is perfection.

Prepping the garden fresh ingredients

Bubbling out from the oven

This dinner put me in a good mood and I found myself
searching for some new pizza inspirations I’m eager to try:

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