Testing out some new technology

After fully digesting The Help, I gave myself some time to catch up with the large pile of magazines that had stacked up during the time that I was devoted to finishing The Help. But as I completed my current Martha Stewart Living issue this weekend, I felt the urge to dive into a book again. And so I downloaded Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential (after continuously reading Jordan’s rave reviews and my similar love affair with food writing) onto the boy’s Kindle. I’m reading more and more recently, magazines, newspapers, and books, and I want to test out how I enjoy my literary time with the Kindle so I can contemplate if it would be worthwhile to purchase one myself (the new version is only $139 and I can get it in chic black!).

Either way, I’m ready to start my new book; when I start a new literary piece, it’s an exciting time; diving into a new adventure, learning about new characters and places and falling into a new story that isn’t your own but one that will hopefully pull you in so much that it feel like you’re a part of it yourself.

Anthony Bourdain, I’m ready to hear your stories; make my stomach and mind crave more.

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