Feeding My Soul All The Way Into 2013

It’s the middle of January, 
so I should probably finally get around to wrapping up my recaps 
of my favorite blogs, 
with one last final segment, 
acknowledging the sites that most inspired me, 
as an individual, 
as a young female,
in 2012. 

These blogs, 
all written by fellow young women, 
are beautiful sources of literary and artistic inspiration, 
that I can easily walk away from reading, 
feeling refreshed
and motivated.

They offer input, 
and beauty, 
and I look forward 
to continuing following their adventures 
in 2013.

Natalie at Thoughts By Natalie & Darling Magazine

Naomi at Love Taza

one of the very first blogs I started reading

And to complete my recaps of the favorite blogs of yesteryear, 
in food
and today’s inspiration, 
I’ll end with a beautiful photograph
by Olivia Rae
who’s blog capturing the glory that is Charleston
makes me more and more excited 
to visit again soon. 

all photos from their respective sites